Why do you need a Psychiatrist's Counseling?

Help boost Self-confidence

When a person suffers from mental health, the mind is affected to the extent that one loses confidence in oneself. Therapies are given by a Psychiatrist that focuses on discovering the cause behind the low confidence of the individual. It could be some physical trauma, abuse, verbal abuse, or a victim of ragging and bullying. Confidence build-up therapies work on the weakness and transform it into the person’s strength. The talks and face-to-face interaction help to analyze the psychological character. It instills trust in their own self, makes their belief in their capabilities, and follows their judgment. The space that a Psychotherapist creates is open and comfortable to ensure that the person can express themselves honestly. The therapy makes the person appreciate and remember their strengths by setting some goals and giving a path to achieve them. Each milestone thus is a step to improve the person's self-confidence. It also teaches that acceptance is the key, and it is necessary not to be bothered by negative comments or destructive criticism.

Relief from Negativity

Negativity is bothersome. It troubles life in a way that things that are going well falter. It could be those experiences from the past, overthinking, or fear of the future. The reason could be things not happening according to our wishes. There is a necessity to consult in these scenarios because the problem could be temporary but worsen to turn long-term. An evaluation by a psychiatrist will know the cause and identify it either as a psychiatric disorder or a symptom of some disorder. Also, during the sessions, the professional will teach the individual how to challenge these thoughts and differ between opinions, perspectives, and reality. He/she will also be then able to counter the triggering thoughts either about yourself or for others. It helps to deal with disappointments and find relief from obsessive-compulsive disorders, depression, and all those disorders that fill the mind with negativity. The approach to this issue is that positive thoughts are not forced, but ways are suggested to erase negative emotions and have a positive perspective. Just like each coin has two sides, the Psychiatrist Treatment helps the person see the other (positive) side of things. It greatly benefits and enhances the personality.


Diagnosis of the Problem troubling a Person

When a person consults a psychiatrist, a physical examination is done to know if any mental health disorders are a result of physical trauma. After identifying the cause (due to psychological disorder), a psychological evaluation is done. It includes asking about the symptoms, getting answers to some questions that assess behavior and feelings, and understanding the reasons. It is also tested if the person can recall past happenings, information, day-to-day work, and the ability to recognize the basic things and solve some general problems. After the assessment, it becomes easier to suggest and treat the issues. Any disorder requires a correct diagnosis, and that is possible with a Psychiatrist who has several years of experience, like Dr. Tejas Patel at Psychiatrist Hospital.

Help manage Stress, Anxiety, and Panic

Occasional stress and anxiety are common to occur in a tense environment. When a person has intensive and persistent stress, it begins to affect normal life. When it becomes unnecessary and difficult to control, a Psychiatrist's support becomes mandatory. Anxiety can have several forms and take the form of phobias. Through medical assistance, it will be known what is the routine, everyday habits, and behavior. The stress causes and trigger factors that create anxious feelings are identified, and the psychiatrist will help get rid of the substances that have a deteriorating effect on the body and the mind. A panic attack is also a sign of an anxiety disorder. The state of panic is worrisome since it can cause problems in every aspect of life. Though panic subsides after some time, they create havoc. These episodes of panic attacks can be frequent in nature but preventable. The advantage of sessions is that the person will develop an interest in activities that increase social interaction and physical workouts. Laughter sessions, talk therapy, and medications induce the hormones that relieve the tension, instill positive and relaxing emotions and transform the personality. It will bring a happy change in life.

Overcome Fears

A fear of anything like an object, a person, a condition, a situation, or any event comes under the purview of psychiatry. Psychiatry understands that fear or phobia (excessive fear) can stop a person from social interaction, indulge in entertainment, and give jitters. The unconventional fear may lead to sweating, irregular and rapid heart rate, heart attack, and other ailments if a person comes forth the fear. Thus, it becomes essential to get such a treatment that helps to cope with fear and overcome it. It is important to prevent the magnification of phobia. Diagnosis involves knowing the phobia-invoking factors, the degree of fear, the symptoms, and the reaction that a person does during that particular moment. Therapy, like exposure therapy, helps to face the fear indirectly to make the person realize that it is not harmful and normal. The trainer provides techniques that relax the person while he sees the fear approaching in any form. The gradual exposure lowers the stress and stops the rush of panic. The sessions will teach meditation, which will not only heal the mind but also strengthen it. If the phobia is extreme, medications may also be provided to relax the muscles that experience changes during the phobic event happening. All the techniques used as therapy are implemented carefully.

Provide Support and Help from Family

Being a patient and one struggling with a mental disorder, relations become fragile and on the verge of breaking. A psychiatrist provides sessions with support groups, for people who are dealing with the same issues and are mental illness survivors. Apart from that, they provide resources to live a better life. It takes a person out of seclusion and isolation and is happy in a company. The interaction addresses the root cause of depression, OCD, anxiety, stress, and mania and improves the condition. Involving family and friends benefits the person and helps those members learn about the problem and ways to deal with it. The support of closed ones heals the best when guided in the right path. A psychiatrist, while treating the illness, considers all the factors and also makes the sufferer understand the impact of their actions and reactions. All this combined heals and cures the illness.

Provide Medical Treatments

Psychiatrist Therapy for mental illnesses are available, like Psychotherapy. It seeks to better the individual’s wellness by evoking the emotions, thoughts, and feelings that a person is going through. It is a way of recovery that covers many non-invasive procedures that play a role in molding the thought of the person. Therapies like Cognitive Behavior Therapy treat the dysfunction that affects the thinking and mindset that control the thoughts and reactions. The second one, Humanistic therapy spreads the awareness of being present, the surrounding, and realizing oneself. It focuses on filling the person’s mind with self-esteem. Therapy that aims to change the behavior also blends with the above therapies to cure the illness. Dialectic Behavior Therapy is one of the most important therapies and is crucial since it is meant for patients who have an intense mental disorder like threatening others and having suicidal thoughts. It helps to reduce anger, evoke mindfulness, and navigate the person’s mind to have an effective approach toward their health (mental and physical). It helps to maintain healthy relationships, embrace joy, and gain self-confidence.


Psychotherapy, when paired with medication, helps the best for critical and severe cases. Antipsychotic medications, like antidepressants, tranquilizers, and mind-stimulating medicines, have a calming effect. When a person has a problem that affects their performance (academically) and causes issues at work, these medicines help stimulate the mind, control rapid heart rate, and relax the mind. This brain (mind) stimulating therapy is given after assessing the reactions and effects on the mind. It improves brain functioning and ceases all troubling symptoms. These medications are used only when other Psychiatric Treatments are not deemed suitable for a person, or they are used with psychotherapies.

With utmost care toward the person, the practitioner examines and provides suitable therapy. It treats mental illness, withdraws from unhealthy habits, normalizes situations, and prevents the scope of other health disorders. It ensures that you do not feel isolated or alone and have the support and love from people around you. It encourages and empowers the person that seeks help, and changes the way they look at life. All the dullness, pain, and trouble reduce gradually to null, and a person feels refreshed and happy outlook toward life. Get care and affection-based treatment. You will feel comfortable and have space to express yourself without any prejudice. Dr. Tejas Patel, our Psychiatrist's Counseling and Treatment in Ahmedabad make sure to do away with the stigma that surrounds mental illness and mental health.

Author : Dr Tejas Patel
Published At: 21/3/23