Health, be it mental or physical, needs to be maintained since it affects the overall growth and development of the individual. The manner of development regulates the cognitive, logical, and psychomotor abilities of children, which are carried forward in later stages of life. Thus, the formative years have to be carefully molded by the guardians. It is also necessary to be attentive in the transformation phase from childhood to Adulthood (Adolescence) because the mind and the body undergoes several changes overall. If you need to understand the correct approach toward psychological health, consult Dr. Tejas Patel for Child and Adolescent Development in Ahmedabad.

Need for Child and Adolescent Development

  • To enhance social skills
  • For developing intellect
  • Sharp memory
  • Avoid addiction
  • Inculcate self-confidence
  • Help them deal with problems
  • Socioemotional skills enrichment
  • Increase spatial abilities
Child and Adolescent Development in ahmedabad

Most Common Disorders Affecting Adolescents

1) Substance use disorders: It’s an addiction to problematic and illegal substances like drugs, alcohol, tobacco, morphine, cannabis, or heroin.

2) Anxiety disorders: They include OCDs, Social Phobia, or Generalised Anxiety problems that happen suddenly or daily. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: The feeling of stress, negativity, panic, or depression after encountering a traumatic situation (violence, ragging, abuse).

3) Disruptive Behavior Disorders: The unnecessary aggressive, unethical, and hostile behavior in a situation or toward someone usually happens when one feels restricted or dominated by peers or family.

All these Mental health issues can occur due to apprehensions, fear of judgment, fear of missing out, peer pressure, and various surrounding problems. The Psychiatrist, Dr. Tejas Patel, has provided treatments (Psychotherapy or medications) for Child and Adolescent Development in Ahmedabad at Mind Care Hospital which has helped the young boys and girls be mentally strong enough to deal with unforeseen situations with ease.

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