Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) is one of the Neuro-stimulation treatments that is helpful in treating Neurological or Psychiatric disorders like Depression. The working principle of rTMS is the generation of an electrical impulse through a magnetic field that makes changes in the activities of a particular part of the brain called the Cortex. The cerebral cortex has four lobes, one of which is the prefrontal lobe which deals with cognition, responsiveness, and moods. rTMS targets the particular lobe and performs the stimulation to regulate cortical activity. rTMS Treatment in Ahmedabad (at Mind Care Hospital) is performed by the Psychiatrist Dr. Tejas Patel and team.

How does rTMS work?

The Stimulation procedure uses magnetic signals. The patient has to remove/keep away any of their belongings that can get attracted to a magnet beforehand. Earbuds are plugged into the patient's ear to prevent the sound of the equipment from reaching the ears. After covering the head with a cap, he/she is made to lie on the reclining chair. Then, the Doctor positions a coil over the Dorsolateral prefrontal lobe location. The required thresholds in the machine are set by the professional. Once the procedure incepts, the patient may hear tapping sensations and sounds (the impulses modify to get the desired effects) until the last. The process lasts for about half an hour to an hour, following which one can resume their routine.

Rtms Treatment in Ahmedabad


This non-invasive and safe Nerve modulation technique has been an effective alternative. Thus, rTMS Treatment in Ahmedabad at our Hospital has not only reduced Depressive Symptoms but also positively impacted people suffering from OCD or other Neuropsychic problems.

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