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Psychiatrist in Ahmedabad

<- Dr.Tejas Patel (Kothiya)

M.B.D.P.M. Psychiatry (Gold Medalist)

Dr. Tejas Patel (Kothiya) is the No. 1 Psychiatrist in the city. He has extensive experience in Sexology and has successfully treated over 10,000 patients with Sexual Dysfunction. He is the only Psychotherapist with indoor facilities in the Mind Care Hospital, the well-known Psychiatry Hospital in Ahmedabad. He has received multiple awards during his Residency, including a Gold medal, and is an expert in providing the best Therapist Treatment for all concerned disorders.

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Psychiatrist at Mind Care Hospital, Ahmedabad

Psychiatry is one of the branches of Medical Science. It is concerned with the identification of mental disorders and their prevention and treatment. Mind Care Hospital has the Best Psychiatrist, Dr. Tejas Patel, who offers excellent services to cure psychiatric problems and focuses on improving individuals' mental health. The specialist uses a course of medications and therapies to cure the illness. The whole team is dedicated to providing the patients with therapeutic ways to help them with behavioural and emotional betterment. The services we provide aim to make the persons realise their potential, keeping in mind to make them feel that an individual is living well and capable of fighting the challenges. It is meant to make the person’s life better and bring it back to normalcy.

Most Asked Questions (FAQs) - Dr. Tejas Patel (Kothiya), Sexologist

I specialise in a variety of sexual health problems, such as sexual weakness, premature ejaculation, low sexual desire, pain while sex, and relationship challenges.

My approach is to integrate social and physical aspects that may affect a sexual problem for a holistic solution. I am a Sexologist and Psychiatrist (Gold Medalist) at Dr. Patel's Mind Care Hospital, where I provide personalised care as per the needs of the individual.

Yes, sexual health problems are common and can affect people at all stages of life. These problems may arise due to various reasons, and timely consultation is important for effective treatment.

My unique approach combines expertise in the fields of psychiatry and sexology, providing an inclusive understanding of sexual health problems. At Dr. Patel's Mind Care Hospital, we provide personalised solutions that are according to the patient's needs and requirements.

Yes, absolutely. Sexual health is closely linked to individuals' overall health and can have a significant impact on relationships. Treating these problems timely can improve both physical and emotional well-being.

If you are facing any challenges related to sexual performance, desire, or satisfaction, you can schedule an appointment with me for a consultation on proper and appropriate therapy at Dr. Patel's Mind Care Hospital.

My website is You can contact me and learn more about my expertise.

You can contact me directly on my phone number +91 90334 68334 or schedule an appointment by visiting my website

Depending on the underlying cause, medications may be a part of the treatment. I evaluate each case individually!

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