Sexology is the medical field of science that deals with the study of sexual behavior, sex, sexuality, and the concerned problems of the person. The Doctor who practices in this arena is a Sexologist. The Best Sexologist in Ahmedabad, Dr. Tejas Patel, has specialized in providing treatment for all the disorders related to sex by anyone.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction means when a man is either unable to reach penile erection or cannot maintain it. It could happen temporarily for some time or when going through stress. Other than this, it may require proper medication if the issue persists. This disorder may affect the sexual life of the partners. There are treatments available for correcting the dysfunction. A Sexologist Doctor in Ahmedabad will provide appropriate lifestyle changes, medicines, and treatments based on the issue.

Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation refers to the early or untimely release of semen during sexual intercourse. This male sexual dysfunction can have several causes like emotional disturbance, psychological issues, age factors, or other health disorders. The Sexologist Doctor will diagnose by going through the medical history, knowing the lifestyle or thoughts of the person, and checking the frequency parameters. The treatments can range from medications, anesthetics, topical medicines (creams), behavioral techniques, exercises, and counseling by the most experienced Sexologist Doctor in Ahmedabad, Dr. Tejas Patel.

Loss of Interest in Sex

Low Libido is when the person lacks sexual desire. The man or woman may be dealing with a traumatic situation and have faced sexual abuse, hormonal imbalance, relationship instability, or another Sexual Dysfunction. Counseling, Medications that help maintain hormonal balance, Mechanical assistance, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy are some of the common treatments by the Best Sexologist in Ahmedabad for regaining interest in sex and sexual activities.

Loss of Interest in Sex

Small Organ Size

Micropenis or Microphallus is a condition where the penile length of an adult man is less than 3.5 inches. The most common cause of this is hormonal disturbance or testosterone deficiency, Androgen insensitivity, and Pituitary gland malfunction. Either the person has to undergo Hormone Therapy (IGF-1, DHT, Testosterone Replacement Therapy), Liposuction, or there is a surgical procedure called Phalloplasty. Penis Enlargement might be beneficial in treating the issue.

Penis enlargement

Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement Techniques done by the Sexologist involve Penis Lengthening and Girth Enhancement. The lengthening process increases the length and width with medically approved silicon implantation. In Girth Enhancement, fat cells from the healthy area of the body will be taken and inserted into the penile shaft. This method increases the girth as required. Visit the Mind Care Hospital for effective curative and preventive measures. The skilled Sexologist Doctor in Ahmedabad, Dr. Tejas Patel, has vast knowledge and experience in Sexology. Consult for any suggestions and advice on any sexual problems.

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