Alcohol consumption has deteriorating effects on the body. People addicted to it experience liver diseases, cardiac problems and have an increased risk of cancers. As the cause behind heavy alcohol drinking is associated with social factors, a Psychiatrist helps with alcohol de-addiction treatment. Two advanced techniques used to get patients rid of it are Disulfiram Implants and Natrexone Implants. These are in the form of pellets and tablets inserted at some depth into the skin (the number of tablets depends on the patient's vitals). With the slow release of the chemical into the bloodstream, the mechanism works efficiently for de-addiction in distinct ways. Mind Care Hospital provides Naltrexone Implants Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorders in Ahmedabad. Also, we specialize in the more evolved Disulfiram Implants Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorders.

Disulfiram Implants for Alcohol Deaddiction

Disulfiram is a prominent medication used to treat alcohol addiction. Disulfiram Implants are an alternative to disulfiram medicines as alcohol consumers avoid taking regular medications for de-addiction. Disulfiram Implants for Alcohol work on the mechanism of triggering side effects once a person consumes alcohol after implantation. Disulfiram blocks the enzyme activity that facilitates alcohol oxidation (after its consumption). As the metabolism is affected due to disulfiram, the person experiences unbearable symptoms of headaches, nausea, vomiting, sweating, fatigue, increased heartbeat, skin flushing, breathing difficulty, chest pain, and many others. The more the consumption of alcohol, the greater the intensity of these symptoms. As these symptoms occur a few minutes after drinking, a person avoids alcohol not to experience any adverse symptoms, and eventually, there is a complete treatment for alcohol addiction. Before performing the implant technique, the patient's health conditions, the effectiveness of other treatments, and many other factors are considered. Mind Care Hospital provides the deaddiction treatment of Disulfiram Implants for Alcohol in Ahmedabad. Dr. Tejas Patel is the leading specialist who performs Disulfiram Implantation for Alcohol Dependency reduction.

Disulfiram & Naltrexone Implants treatment in Ahmedabad

Naltrexone Implants for Alcohol Deaddiction

Naltrexone is another chemical substance that works against narcotic substances. It is administered in both oral and injectable forms. The Naltrexone Implants mechanism differs from that of Disulfiram. Naltrexone Implants for Alcohol have the property of minimizing the effects that occur after alcohol consumption. This happens as Naltrexone binds with the receptors in the brain and stops their activity to induce hangover symptoms. As the alcohol addict experiences no symptoms after its intake, the craving for alcohol reduces. Generally, the craving reduction effect occurs within the first two-three weeks after implantation treatment. There are no effects that a person faces after Naltrexone Implantation. Usually, detoxification happens before this therapy for effective results. If any discomfort or mild side effects occur, the doctors address the condition during the follow-up visit. At Mind Care Hospital, the treatment specialist does appropriate diagnosis and examination of the patient's condition, use of opioids, and other situations. Providing Naltrexone Implants for Alcohol in Ahmedabad, many patients have benefitted from the Alcohol Deaddiction treatment with minimal rates of alcohol relapse.

The Disulfiram and Naltrexone Implants Treatment Doctor in Ahmedabad, Dr. Tejas Patel, informs the patient about all the pre-implantation and post-treatment guidelines and care beforehand. The team takes care of the patient before and after the implantation. There are regular follow-ups and visits to ensure optimal health of the patient. An individual must understand the harmful effects of alcohol and seek medical attention. Once the de-addiction treatment progresses, the chances of depressive thoughts, negativity, unpleasant behavioral changes, and alcohol-based disorders. If you have a high alcohol dependency, take help from our Psychiatrist, Dr. Tejas Patel, and get the best comprehensive care.

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